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Web development or simply known as web programming is a general term that is used to describe the work that is involved in a website for the world-wide-web.

Web development is the ‘tails’ of website whereas web design is the ‘heads’. Web design is the creation of a simple and easy to use platform that users see and with which they directly interact. On the other hand, web development is the backend on which all the aspects of a web design can be built.

A web developer mainly focused on website functionality; though web-developer also understands the value of web design and vice-versa. Experienced web developers and designers can usually handle both projects and also take care when creating a website (both small as well as big website).

Web developers and designers build, customize and then extend the web applications using the help of programming language like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery etc.

Why you choose SEOSPELL?

There are a number of reasons why you choose SEOSPELL:


Different Types of Web Design and Development:

WordPress Programming

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used blogging platforms that is developed in 2003. Today, more than 25% of websites on the web are powered by WordPress.

WordPress is an open-source blogging platform and content management system which is based on PHP and the most popular relational database, i.e. MySQL. WordPress is mainly popular due to its abundant supply of plugin and themes. Plugin makes WordPress custom development easy. Today, more than 25,000 plugin exist in the WordPress plugin repository.

SEOSPELL is a comprehensive online marketing company that deals in WordPress design. Our web design and development team arranges a pre-consultation with each client to discuss how their website appears and work. SEOSPELL offers plenty of website design packages from which your company can easily choose.

WordPress Design

Custom WordPress design is one of our specialties here at SEOSPELL. Our Responsive wordpress web design and development team has years of experience in the WordPress wizardry skills. They consult with each clients to brainstorm ideas that will lead exude a concept for a best design.

Creating a custom WordPress design to shape your online presence is one of the most valuable investments which you can make for your website. For your website design needs, don’t hesitate to arrange a consultation with our expert team.

Custom PHP Programming:

At SEOSPELL, we understand that not all the pre established website designs fit perfectly into the cookie-cutter mold of an open source content management system.

Those designs with exceedingly specific demands that can’t be met within the confines of a Content management system can easily be drafted from beginning using the help of PHP – a general purpose programming language.

Today, content management systems make it possible for people with some knowledge in any programming language to make a website of his own. Everything is base-coded; this is the main reason that developer simply can’t do in systems such as WordPress and Drupal.

These days, when a WordPress or Magneto plugin doesn’t completely full-fill the requirement of our clients, our highly experienced development team will create custom PHP code to alter it.

If need, a complete brand new plugin will be developed just to meet the need of our client website. The key for a top quality and successful website is to maintain a highly influential presence that fits as per your business.

Ecommerce Shopping Carts:

Ecommerce is the entity that makes all the transaction easy over a multitude of electronic devices through the help of web browsers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business retailer or a big nationwide pharmacy; chances are that your website fully utilizes the complete virtual equivalent to shopping carts – ecommerce shopping carts.

An electronic shopping cart allows your website users to browse through the products and services which you offer and to select product for purchase in the exact same way they would by shopping in person save for the key difference.

Many users of younger and educated demographics find this breakthrough; they find this way of purchasing the products is more convenient as compared to the traditional shopping. The ultimate goal of any e-commerce website is to persuade users to splurge on featured services or products.

Ecommerce website enables your shop to make sales outside the store hours. There are plenty of shopping carts which are available in the market and other switching software is not advised once you have already linked to a specific cart to your website.

Magento Programming:

There are plenty of open-source platforms which can be downloaded to create a custom shopping cart for an e-commerce website Design , but at SEOSPELL we are very much interested of working with the Magento shopping cart development.

Magento is one of the best and fastest-growing open source e-commerce web applications available. Daily more than 6000+ downloads of this software are performed.

It has the most feature-rich interface of the top open-source shopping carts that is used by the entrepreneur today. Magento programming completely differs from that of other open-source platforms. Using Magento platform for an e-commerce incurs number of possibilities for every type of business.

Many popular brands utilize this software to create a highly customizable shopping experience. Big organizations like Tom’s shoes, Vizio, Office Max are featured on the official Magento website as a loyal Magento Enterprise customer.

With the help of Magento creating an ecommerce website as unique as your business is possible through Magento module programming. Programming the custom module allows the developers liberty of making changes to the online store without any interfering.

Responsive Website Design:

Today, every business that is currently operating can be easily found with the help of a single Google search or through their website. Websites are useful for every type of businesses that are involved in industry, and many other hire or create a custom website design that will be appear appealing and user-friendly.

Having a good online presence exposes your business to thousands of potential customers. This is the main reason behind web design and search engine optimization. For your website to draw customers, it must appear in the 1st page in the search engines results and ideally in the top 4 results page.

Once your website is located, then the key is to ascertain it is easily navigable for the users. Custom web designs are provided by thousands of companies which claim to improve your website conversion and lower down the bounce rate.

The main target for a successful website is to attract a large number of visitors who can easily browse through your webpage to get the proper information they need, to respond to the call-to-action or to purchase a product.

Customer website design has completely changed the way through which we do business. Websites were simple pages with headline banners and a page of text and images. This is thanks to today web design, which undergoes as many changes as the web itself. In order to keep up, professional designers at SEOSPELL are here to address your web design needs.

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